About Us


Siloam evangelical church of Rwanda has started on 10th may 2009. It started it work in Kigali city. In addition, today it operates in all provinces of Rwanda, as it is five (5). Today we have churches in Burundi and Republique Democratic du Congo (RDC). The reason why we have started this church is that we had vision and mission as cited below:

Our vision is based in Matthew 28:19, Colossians 1:28. In addition, our vision is to see our local community transformed by the widespread experience of God’s grace. This local church being gateway for love, hope, peace and joy that come from Jesus Christ.

The mission statement of the organization is to proclaim the Gospel Salvation in accordance with the order given by Jesus Christ, establish churches, and build churches and any other developmental activities supporting the Gospel.

History of the Founder of Siloam evangelical Church Of Rwanda.

Siloam evangelical church was founded by bishop NSAMIRWA Emmanuel his a senior pastor of the church with a 20 years in this work. The main reason to start the church is that, he has been called by God when I was work in
other work I heard the voice that called me to work for the lord that why I decided to establish the work of God in Rwanda.

Bishop NSAMIRA Emmanuel was born in RDC on 20th April 1966 he is a married man with NYIRARUKUNDO Jeanne with 8 children 4 girls and 4 boys.

Bishop NSAMIRA Emmanuel has a bachelor degree in demography and a diploma in theology in section of Christology.

             Bishop NSAMIRWA Emmanuel